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Gluten Free and Vegan

seeded cupcakesGluten Free and Vegan Products
Here at Chocoterie we recognise that many people are beginning to discover that they either have a food intolerance or allergy or feel healthier by excluding certain food types from their diet. Having been there ourselves we empathise and also know how difficult it can be to buy quality alternative foods. So, we now produce a small range of gluten free and vegan products to hopefully make your life a little bit easier and more enjoyable when it comes to sweet things. As chocolate is naturally gluten free and dark chocolate is naturally vegan we already make many products that cater for both of these diets and all our products are labelled appropriately. We are expanding our range to other non chocolate based products as we also realise that some people are intolerant to chocolate too.

All of our products are labelled appropriately and state clearly whether they are gluten free and or vegan.